Are you a little unsure about Naturopathy and need convincing on how to take charge of your health these days? Perhaps you have been everywhere and seen everyone with not much success?

You may have started a diet, hopped on the low carb bandwagon and then an event such as a wedding, party, Christmas oh that was last year, err Easter hot cross buns, came up, and out went the diet and healthy mindset.  It doesn’t have to be this way. 

It’s all about balance, joy and being able to let things go.  If you had a bad day, great, acknowledge it. Write down what made you feel disappointed or frustrated. Once on paper you can see it, and the issue is out of your head and it’s the papers problem now!! 

We are so rushed and limited for time, that sometimes our body needs to give us a light nudge, or loud scream if ignored numerous times to really be connected to our mind body and spiritual purpose.   Yes, deep I know, but I have spent so many failed times during consults as a Naturopath and just trea...

January 7, 2016



Have you lead a busy lifestyle where you seem to be “on the go all the time?” Suddenly things seem to stress you out more than usual. Do you find yourself relying on lattes, wine,  sugary or salty snacks? Then you are heading into adrenal fatigue town or “Burn out syndrome” Most people don’t know they are suffering with it until they hit a wall and are unable to complete daily tasks as they did yesterday or last week. 


These are my top 5 hints to support your body from Adrenal Fatigue:



Rhodiola – A traditional Russian and Scandinavian herb that promotes vitality, stamina and helps support your body during stressful times. Can be taken to enhance memory, concentration and improve your immune system.


Adequate Sleep – So many of us live in a fast paced environment, that don’t have time to rest and recover from illnesses.  Sleep is important for your immune system, your vitality, mood, and decision making.


Magnesium – A great magnesium supplement that can support energy production...

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