Naturopathic Yoga 
I'll let you in on a secret! 
When you are stressed, your body holds on to belly fat. The old myth -  If you eat less and exercise more doesn't work when you have too many stess hormones floating around the body.  M
Introducing Naturopathic Yoga -  a combination of the holistic philosophies of Naturopathy and Yoga, yogi Amy Mingin has fused her two passions together to create Naturopathic Yoga™ - an online yoga course for every body.

Naturopathic Yoga

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  • The lovely Naturoapthic Yoga Collection is designed to make it super easy and effective for your physical and emotional health by incorporating your body, mind and spirit. 

    I get it, time and money are precious, and so are you X  

    If you are not flexible then who cares, this is about being your best in this minute of this day, right now and not competing against anybody else. This will not only balance your hormones, but build resilience and give you clarity and a sense of power and knowing. 

    I am converted and I know you will be too:

    This is for you if you are:

    • Stuck at home during COVID-19 pandemic
    • Short on time - 10 -30 min sequences
    • Need to move but thrive off some motivation
    • Can’t find someone to watch the kids.
    • Prefer to exercise from the comfort of home.

    Naturopathic Yoga is body system specific yoga created by Amy Mingin. In each yoga pose, you are guided into position, and talked through the benefits of the pose in a way that helps you understand “why” you are completing it. Alignment, breath, mindfulness and the explanaition of why you’re doing it is described and explained in each yoga sequence, helping to take you further into your best version of yourself

    Naturopathic Yoga is beginner friendly, but is also intermediate yogi approved!

    Sequences are as short as 7 mins and as long as 35 mins the greater confidence and love for yoga you have. They are easily accessed online, at any time that suits you. Do the same sequence over and over, or pick and choose one that suits your health focus or mood on the day.

    Current series available are:

    • Rest and Digest
    • Thyroid and metabolism
    • Yin (for tiredness)
    • Women’s Balance
    • Energising Adrenal
    • Cleanse the Liver
    • Pre-conception
    • Pregnancy
    • Oncology
    • Anxiety 
    • and a new one coming very soon X 

    You can have access to all the availble series, but if you are a current client of Alysia Raftery, then she will suggest which one is best suited for you. 


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