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Postive Vibes is what we need during lockdown. 


But it's only so much we can handle after 6 lockdowns in Melbourne. We are getting bored, over it, and mental health is on the rise big time. 


Are you doing any of these things:

On the edge of burnout?

Feeling drained or flat?

Forgetting to stretch?

Getting back pain, headaces and stiffness? 

Feeling like you need some space? 

Missing myotherapy and your beloved foam roller just isn't cutting it?


Ok then check out the Positve Vibes workshop in your own time and home, and you can start feeling more empowered, in control and use your posture to feel powerful.


This workshop was my first blend of Naturopathy and Myotherapy in one hands on course and it is open for all my myotherpy, naturopathy clients and newbies are welcome too. 

I  take you through:

Posture moves that work


Foods to eat to boost your mood

How to breath to reduce stress levels

What you can take to boost your mood

Some interesting things about masks!!

& more.


This is a recording of the workshop. 

Wear - comfy clothes, for some stretches, for beginners and advanced.


I hope you enjoy. 



Alysia X 



Posture Power Workshop Recording

$35.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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