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Alysia Raftery Berry Smoothie, Naturopath near me, Bodysyncnatural Solutions


to changing your


not just your hormones.

Have you been told your blood tests are "normal" but don't feel it?

Want to know why your hormones could be running your life?


Feel like you've tried everything & need some guidance?

I can help you with that.

Please allow at least 48 hours for a reply to emails as they take time and care. 

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Alysia Raftery Naturopath, Naturopath near me, Rowville
Hi I'm Alysia
I am a Naturopath, Myotherapist, Yoga instructor & Mum with 16 years clinical experience in the  women's hormone space. I love helping women who need to get on top of their hormones. Maybe it's been too long helping others and neglecting yourself that you're noticing the cracks in your health. 
Do you find it difficult to lose weight, struggle with mood swings or wonder why your tummy bloats after eating healthy foods? 


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Need help with Hormones? 

Are you holding on to weight that just won't budge no matter how healthy and much you exercise? Cravings, and exhaustion is your normal vibe and everything now seems super stressful. 

Master Your Hormones

This 8 week program is designed for women over 35 years who are starting to experiencing perimenopausal symptoms or post menopausal and would like to know what to do, the how to and why, basically having it all laid on the table. This group is fun, interactive, and a VIP way of gaining valuable knowledge about your hormones, gut health, mood & stress levels, gaining some guidance into stepping into your power plus much more. 
Stomach Ache

Gut Health 

Does your belly bloat after the healthiest meal? Do you find your self looking for the bathroom, or the opposite infrequent visits?You could have SIBO, (I did &lost a bunch of weight...) find out more about my SIBO VIP's gut package. 

Cheeki Tea Range

Cheeki Tea was designed for the busy babe for extra resilience, stamina and self love. Organic loose herbal teas that taste divine and keep you wanting more.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Goddess Package

The ultimate luxury package, over 4 hours of bliss. Recieve bonus energy booster video, cheeki tea & more on booking


Mentor for Pracs

Are you a practitioner, wanting to bounce ideas across? If you are a newbie or an oldie and would like help with your skills, marketing and socials. 

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Recipes & Articles 

Quick & Easy Lunch with Quinoa

vegan, df,gf,yeast free, SIBO biphasic 2, low fodmap, sugar free 

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