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This blog post is about tips to get you through the busy time at the end of the year. Learn easy and quick self care tips you can start implementing right away.

This has been the quickest pregnancy ever, and it is now time to nest and get ready for baby boy number 3.  With both kids arriving early previously, I would have expected this one to come by now,  but he is taking his time gracing into the world. Which is actually a blessing as I am enjoying time with my kids while preparing for an active birth, and creating some down time.  We actually have the cot ready and clothes sorted this time!!

I have had a wonderful year so far helping, ladies balance their hormones, practicing self care, and implementing the detox program.  The males that I have seen, have done tremendously well too, with a no excuse approach and doing everything needed to reduce their pain levels, weight and skin issues.  Ladies, continue standing in your power, saying "no" is the new yes. Self care is not a luxury it's a necessity. Essential to your healing and wellness journey.

If anybody needs a repeat of their naturopathic prescription products, email me on...

This post is about B12 deficiency signs and symptoms for hormones. Learn the types of B12 to help your periods, fertility and pain.

This allergy friendly choc chip cookie friendly uses green banana flour to make yummy tasting cookies for the whole family. It is grain free, gluten free, vegan, and fodmap friendly.

Are you tired of trying diets that give you a sleazy promise of slim and trim bikini body’s? Or that magic pill from South America that makes you burn off your muscles and suppress your appetite while dehydrating your brain!!  Fast forward 4 weeks later you end up starving, grumpy and feel like a failure for not having the will power to keep it up.  You are not a failure let it be known that will power is out……Set point weight is in and it has the science to prove it. 

We all have a set point, which starts around our 20’s. The set point is controlled by our body’s hunger and full (satiety) hormones. These are managed within our reward centre of the brain. This controls our signals of appetite regulation , food related motivation and the calorie value of foods. Every time we diet the set point becomes higher, which is why most people end up putting on more weight than they started with.

The set point is set higher in overweight and obese individuals and our goals in weight loss...

It's that chilly time of the year again where the days are shorter, colder and the sniffles are starting to settle in. You can see everybody on public transport start to edge away from the poor person who drops a cough in a swift way to avoid catching the latest bacteria or virus of 2018. 

So, get ready to arm yourself with the latest foods that will help boost your immune system and keep your body and mind healthy during cold and flu season. 

Medicinal Mushrooms

Probs not the ones growing at the local park, instead Reishi, Shitake, Maitake, Chaga and Enoke are all the craze for this year. You can add them to soups, casseroles, stir fries and salads, and they taste well....exotic!   

Exotic mushrooms contain long chain polyscaccarides called beta glucans that can enhance your immune system function. One of my favourites is the Chaga mushroom. 

The Chaga mushroom comes from the Birch tree and this mushroom has amazing immune and energising qualities. It's effect on the immune system works by...

Are you a little unsure about Naturopathy and need convincing on how to take charge of your health these days? Perhaps you have been everywhere and seen everyone with not much success?

You may have started a diet, hopped on the low carb bandwagon and then an event such as a wedding, party, Christmas oh that was last year, err Easter hot cross buns, came up, and out went the diet and healthy mindset.  It doesn’t have to be this way. 

It’s all about balance, joy and being able to let things go.  If you had a bad day, great, acknowledge it. Write down what made you feel disappointed or frustrated. Once on paper you can see it, and the issue is out of your head and it’s the papers problem now!! 

We are so rushed and limited for time, that sometimes our body needs to give us a light nudge, or loud scream if ignored numerous times to really be connected to our mind body and spiritual purpose.   Yes, deep I know, but I have spent so many failed times during consults as a Naturopath and just trea...

Ready for the next supercharge your hormones presentation at Wholefood Merchants? I am so excited to be presenting my take on all things hormonal. Find out why they are so important to be balanced in our body. 

Could your mood swings be related to Oestrogen Excess or a Progesterone Deficiency or both.  You may notice that symptoms of headaches, anger, frustration, tears and sensitivity around the lead up before your period and also mid cycle run havoc.  There is help available.  But what if your don't have a regular cycle? Then meet another hormone Testosterone who is great when balanced but not so great for acne and fertility. Then what about cortisol, thyroid and weight gain around belly. Find out how they are all connected and what you need to do to keep your hormones well balanced. Nutrients, herbs, Foods, Skin care, Makeup and Herbal Teas will get a feature. 

My Top 5 beauty foods are found at Wholefood Merchants in Ferntree Gully. My new addition is Or...

This recipe uses turmeric to help reduce pain. It's easy to make and yum to eat.

October 9, 2016

Berberine is a bright yellow constituent found in a range of medicinal herbs that belong to a group of alkaloids.  The herbs that contain berberine are Golden seal, Barberry, Phellodendron, Oregon Grape and California poppy.  The herbal liquid has a bitter taste and is not for the faint hearted, luckily there are capsules and tablets.  Golden seal and Phellodendron have been around for years and I have used them for gut cleansing, parasites and cold’s and infections. Currently further research is being conducted on this wonder yellow root that can be used topically on the skin as well as internally.

What does Berberine help with?

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Diabetes, Gut infections, Fatty liver, Auto-Immune Conditions including Multiple Sclerosis and so much more but I’ll be here all day blabbing.

How Does Berberine work?

Berberine is a strong natural antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic so look out bugs, you guys are leaving town!  Berberine...

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