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Master Your Hormones

It's your time to change your mindset, hormone health and step into your power!! 

Are your looking for a space where you can get answers to your hormonal imbalances?

Have you been told your blood tests are normal, despite not feeling normal?

Have you been called a psycho around your period, or trying to navigate food cravings, constant weight gain during perimenopause or mood swings at wherever life stage you are things are just too much to deal!!

Have you been putting your health on the to do list, but not really getting answers?

Do you experience any of these?

Irregular cycles, skin breakouts, hot flushes during work meetings, low libido, feeling like things are harder to cope with.

Does your tummy bloat for no particular reason? Or are you finding the weight starting to pile on, even though you exercise and eat well?    

Get ready to master your hormones, jam packed with over 8 series of online videos to support your hormones and body. No need to blame your hormones for not feeling the best, we dive deep into the cause of your hormonal imbalances and have lots of fun in the process.

This 8 week course starts soon in 2023 and we meet up weekly via zoom, and learn a new topic while being able to ask questions live or in the private facebook group. 

Learn about the major causes of hormonal imbalances, how GUT health can support your hormones and what to do to improve your gut symptoms. Learn about the liver and it's importance in emotions and hormones, and simple ways to help it, without doing a lengthy detox. You receive a video on skin breakouts, how to care for you skin and a BONUS skin interview with an amazing skin expert. 

If you know that you are in desperate need of Self care but struggle with ideas and sticking to a routine, (I use to too!) I teach you how to make self care work for you and your health, and when it is the most important time to do it in your cycle... even if you don't have one.

Bonus Video 

Perimenopause/ & Menopause

Women are not warned about the second part of puberty known as perimenopause. This rollercoaster can last for 12 years, I find it fascinating that no-one warns us of the changes how body can face. 

For Women to understand their hormones during this phase in life can be empowering and comforting.


There are so many physical and emotional changes during this phase in life, that I break it down in the video from what happens to your moods, the high level of anxiety, weight gain  across belly, vaginal changes, hot flushes, sweats and lack of sleep around this time. Women can relax knowing that help is on it's way.    

For the competitors I hope you like Prizes!

Small group sessions are designed for each member and each person plays a role in rising up to the weekly challenge. 


Weekly Check ins

Video Recordings to watch in your own time. 

Cheat Sheets






Video for preparing a gut health drink 

A chance to make new besties and put you first. X 

Here's what past members are saying..

"After completing the program, my skin is clearer, I have lost weight, and my periods aren't anywhere as bad as they use to be".


"I've absolutely loved being part of this group! Thank you Alysia for being so informative, and thank you to the group for being so welcoming."


"I wouldn't change anything about the program, the group size was perfect, the videos were fun, and now I have more recipes to feed the family with. 


Valued over $2100, save if you book now. 

Starts very soon.

Once you have registered you will soon be added to the private facebook group, where you can start getting excited!!   


Choose your pricing plan

  • Master your Hormones Collective

    Every week
    Perfect for busy women (easy weekly installments)
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 8 Series of Online videos
    • Weekly group check ins via zoom
    • Easy steps to understand and love your hormones.
    • Free gift
    • A chance to meet new besties!
    • You're very own virtual fermented cooking class kombucha
    • Access to private facebook group - recipes, videos, more.
    • Valued over $2200 - save now.
    • Yoga online - Hormonal Themes
  • Master your Hormones Collective

    One off Payment!! Savings!!
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Over 8 Series of Online videos to watch in your comfort zone
    • Weekly Zoom Check Ins - New topics
    • Hormones related to Metabolism, Thyroid & Menstrual Cycle.
    • Free gift to get you into action.
    • Gut health cooking class recording
    • Bonus Yoga, meditation.
    • Chance to make new besties!
    • Valued over $2200 save now
    • Recipes, cheat sheets, quizzes
    • Optional Perimenopause, Post menopause, Metabolism Video
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