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Flower Essences are the ultimate calming friend that you can carry with you everywhere you go. Each blend is individually handpicked for you. Our Naturopath, Alysia has a 5min chat with you to determine your current emotional needs and the perfect blend is made for you on the same day.

Size - 50ml 

Dosage - will say on your label - an example could be - 4 drops under your tongue 4 times a day 

Safe - for children, adults, pregnancy, lactation, elderly, & pets - even if you are on medications, these are safe.  

Flower Essences

  • Flower essences come from the original creator Edward Bach who develeoped flower essences from his howetown in England. Each flower has a vibrational energy to it, thus gently working on an emotional aspect of your health. 

    What are essences used for?

    Sleep - if you find your mind racing at night and can't fall asleep or wake up during the night. Californian poppy or white chestnut can be fantastic to quieten the mind.

    Stress - current anxiety levles are so high as I write this during the Coronarvirus pandemic - so many people have lost their job and the uncertailnly, feelings of hopelessness, and overwelm can be addressed by these essences. 

    Hyperactive childrens - Is your child hyperactive,unable to sit still and focus. Do you find yourself on repeat as a parent?  

    Vervain and clematis are fantastic for kids. 

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