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Does your child switch from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde?

Childhood Epidemics

Does your child ever alternate between Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde? How would you like to know how you can have just the pleasant one!

After attending 3 full on days at the International Conference on Childhood Epidemics, I couldn’t wait to write this article as it has reconnected me with why I became a Naturopath, and why I love what I do.

Childhood epidemics are out of control. More than 30 million children are affected by childhood epidemics. That’s 1/3 of our kids either suffering with the 4 A’s... Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies. Why is this so?

We live in a world where everybody is exposed to toxins. Toxins are harmful foreign substances that promote disease. Anybody who eats food, drinks liquids, and breathes air is exposed. Toxins are found in pesticides, chemicals, paint, lotions, plastic bottles, makeup, shampoo, medications and it’s scary but the list goes on and on. As our poor kids are still developing their organs, they are not able to remove these poisons and end up with an accumulation of nasty toxins in their brains and bodies. Leading to changes in mood, behaviour and lowered IQ. A child's blood brain barrier isnt fully developed until age 2 years so this increases the suscetability of toxins leaching into an infants digestive and nervous system


Have you have ever noticed a child with autism hitting their head, as if their brains were on fire? Well in actual fact their brains are on fire. This is known as INFLAMMATION. As a naturopath it is my role to put the fire out.

Children are low in glutathione which is important to breakdown and remove harmful toxins. Having a healthy digestive system with healthy detoxification pathways can assist kids beahviour and developmental milestones.

This brings it all back to a healthy diet free from toxins. Foods which aid in glutathione production are broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onions, parsley, avocados, and pumpkin. Raw eggs and the georgous yellow spice turmeric are a fantastic source also.

So for anybody who wants to become a parent, who is already one and would like advice on optimising the health of your child make sure you book in for a naturopathic consult so we all can reduce these childhood epidemics and live life the way we were meant to... naturally!

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