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Self Care tips to survive the holidays for the modern busy woman!

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Congrats, high fives you’ve almost made it through the year and decade, just a little Christmas festivities, work functions, and tidying up around the house to do. It’s a great idea to finish the year with a can do attitude. Involving some self care and resilience to help get you to the next year in a cruisy and blissful feeling.

Journal ideas

Jot those ideas down!

You may be close to finishing your gifts for Christmas shopping now, if not, then some planning helps. Use your notes on your phone, take a pic and save it next to the person’s name, online shopping is great, you don’t have to worry about car parking and traffic.


Quiet the mind!

This time of year can be one of the busiest and stressful times, with so much going on around our lifestyles. Try incorporating some mindfulness or guided meditation into your morning or evening routine. Some of the coolest meditations are Calm App specifically the 10 min daily, Insight Timer, You Tube for inspiration – Joe Dispenza or The Mindful Movement. The more you practice the easier it becomes. If you get worried that your mind will wonder, then this is for you!! It’s totally normal for thoughts to pop in, acknowledge them, take a breath and pause them for now. Clearing the clutter from your mind can bring clarity an inner wisdom.

Beat the sugar train!

Watch your sugar intake, when we are in a rush or feel stressed, our body is very clever, and looks for a buzz to make some feel good chemicals. Our cravings for chocolate or sugar reach an all time high. Instead opt for protein foods such as eggs, tuna, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds, that make for a quick boost of energy.

Switch off for a while

Use that Air Plane mode on your phone and switch off for 30min. If you are one for distractions, then you could leave your phone in another room, bag or car - but not on top of the car (as my hubby has done countless times!!). Losing the distractions helps gain back our connection and soul purpose. Take time to feel the grass bare foot, sit in the shade or sun for 10min to help boost your vitamin D the hormone for happiness. Switching off can help with clarity and a great reminder of the important things in your life.

Cheeki tea - calm blend

Teas for Stress

No surprises with this one, tea can be great for the soul. Tulsi tea around this time of year is my favourite because it works with the body to find balance, and hey, if we are feeling stressed then our body is working over- time to achieve equilibrium. Tusi or it’s other name, Holy Basil may help to counter act the feelings of stress such as worry, overwhelm, frustration, anger and despair. It targets your adrenals, the glands that help you get stuff done by acting as an adaptogen. Naturopaths love using adaptogens as they work with your body to calm you down, if you’re feeling tired AF then it will give you the boost you need. Tulsi is included in Cheeki Tea’s Divine Calm Blend.

Count your blessings

I know this year has been very hard for many people. We often get so caught up in the stuff we don’t have and forget to admire and acknowledge the beautiful things we do have. These messy situations are often our soul’s calling that we need to go through to get to the other side, where the pot of gold is, like blessings in disguise! Let’s be gentle on ourselves, by practicing the gift of gratitude and head into next year and decade with some care and love for ourselves and others.

If you like these tips and want to find out more, Alysia Raftery is a practicing Women’s Heath Naturopath and Myotherapist. For bookings you can click button below:

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