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Mellow Yellow Anti-Inflammatory Soup

Turmeric Soup

This is one of the quickest soups that can be whipped up in under 30 minutes. I’ve wanted to write a blog on Turmeric and its powerful actions but didn’t have 2 months to write down all its studies and trials. Plus who wants to read about maths stats, so I will break it down in a yellow nutshell.

What have you all experienced at least once?

Lately I have been getting many patients with something all in common. It’s the P word, something so debilitating that can have a drastic effect on people managing daily tasks, effecting mood, confidence and lifestyle. This common symptom is PAIN a physical or mental distress that is felt by the body. Pain can be experienced from Headaches, Arthritis, Period pain, Endometriosis, IBS and Fibromyalgia.

Who can eat this?

The perfect candidate for this soup are humans especially sports players, dancers, Mum’s on go, and retired peeps, wanting to eat healthy and look after their insides. Kids can eat too if they have some gluten free bread to dip in to the yellow slime machine.

What’s the deal with Turmeric?

Turmeric is the go to yellow herb that can help reduce pain by targeting your body’s inflammatory mediators. It down regulates your pain and has even been as effective as anti-inflammatory medication without the side effects. It is also very good for your digestion and is your liver’s best friend. The liver helps breakdown fats, hormones and other toxins.

Will I turn yellow?

Yes, especially your fingers and your kitchen bench!!! Just jokes, Sorry Not Sorry! Ok, you will need to clean pronto unless you are going for the 90’s yellow wall fashion

One last note

Add a sprinkle of pepper and a healthy fat such as organic butter or coconut oil to absorb the health benefits of turmeric.

That is all – Now, sprinkle the yellow fairy dust in your next cook up.


Serves 2

Prep time- 5min

Cooking Time 20-25min


¼ Pumpkin cut in small chunks

½ Cauliflower – cut in small chunks

2 Tablespoons Turmeric Powder

1 Leek –chopped

1 teaspoon organic butter/coconut oil

Shake of Pepper


Add all ingredients to a large pot

Fill pot with aprox 2L water

Boil, then simmer for 20mins

Blend and serve

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