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7 Reasons You need to visit a Naturopath and why I could be your one!

Alysia Raftery

Are you a little unsure about Naturopathy and need convincing on how to take charge of your health these days? Perhaps you have been everywhere and seen everyone with not much success?

You may have started a diet, hopped on the low carb bandwagon and then an event such as a wedding, party, Christmas oh that was last year, err Easter hot cross buns, came up, and out went the diet and healthy mindset.  It doesn’t have to be this way. 

It’s all about balance, joy and being able to let things go.  If you had a bad day, great, acknowledge it. Write down what made you feel disappointed or frustrated. Once on paper you can see it, and the issue is out of your head and it’s the papers problem now!! 

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We are so rushed and limited for time, that sometimes our body needs to give us a light nudge, or loud scream if ignored numerous times to really be connected to our mind body and spiritual purpose.   Yes, deep I know, but I have spent so many failed times during consults as a Naturopath and just treaded softly and lightly over the emotional issue connected to their health issue of my patients and we really have just gone around in circles.

Not anymore, since the past couple of years I have almost completed a journey of my own.  This journey has allowed me to complete my reiki mastership, and ready to start teaching classes, (Yay!!) off topic, I know!! But ultimately grow into a stronger and challenging (in a goodway😊) practitioner.

I have experienced a loss that nobody should ever have to face... the loss of my niece from mental health.  One day I will delve in to explain more, especially if I can help teenagers in a similar situation, for now all I can say is Life is a gift short or long, we never know what tomorrow will bring so use your fears, anxieties as a blessing so that you can be you and just you.

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But I have really learnt to address the grief, the sadness, the fear, the anxieties, the doubts, the wins, the losses, all the encouragement needed to be there for my patients.  Yes there are tears, and tissue boxes used up like they are going out of fashion!!  But that is how I role, we need that shift so we can grow.

So here are my top 7 reasons to make an appointment pronto!

1. Clarity – If you have been told one thing about your health, then read a different view, and had a friend recommend something else, it can be too confusing, contradictory and sometimes depressing.  A structured case taking process is important to getting into the nitty gritty of what your body needs to function optimally. 

I can identify if you are low in certain nutrients and how to best get them from wholefoods or supplements.  Instead of guessing what to eat, you will have a list of yummy foods to enjoy.

2. Variety – Are you bored of the same foods, day in day out?  Would you like new recipes designed for you, cutting edge and comparable with the latest health gurus and chefs around the world?  Variety is so important for many reasons, particularly if you have gut issues, eating the same foods daily has a link to food intolerances.

3. Plan of Action – If you like to be in control, you will love the plan of action report.  After your first consultation, I prepare a report of findings for you with a realistic timeframe for what we are treating and why.

plan of action

4. Find the cause – As a naturopath detective, I dive into the root cause, which is why I take a detailed case and ask you many questions about your health history, and hormonal history.  I aim to not supress your symptoms instead use them as vital clues for your treatment plan. I also have access to lab testing which can include testing for hormonal imbalances, food and gut reports, and genetic MTHFR testing when requested.

5. No more guessing with Dr Google – It’s so easy to check the internet for symptoms like a bloated tummy, or rash but google is a generalisation and doesn’t actually know you. Someone may have a headache that may be related to lack of water and dehydration and the other could be from a tight muscle. I’m so glad my grandparents didn’t have Google or they would be calling the hospital 24/7. 

6. You get freebies with your sessions. From recipes, to hormonal charts, eating plans and even some new guided meditations I have been recording. 💖

7. Personal Experience - I have been there – I have had issues with my gut, hormones, immune system and mood. There have even been times in my life where I have tried everything and nothing has helped.  Until I found the right practitioner that I really connected with!

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 So if you have been searching for more energy, weight loss, happier moods, empowering relationships, less painful periods and more balanced hormones then I would love to help you.  Sometimes having a chat about your issues, may actually help you see, hear or realise that things are ok.  Feeling understood can be healing on its own. 

To secure an appointment this month with Alysia, you can contact

Alysia Raftery  0421526858

or book an appointment online at

Thank you for reading my blog X 

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