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Supercharge your hormones & Unleash your Inner Beauty

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Ready for the next supercharge your hormones presentation at Wholefood Merchants? I am so excited to be presenting my take on all things hormonal. Find out why they are so important to be balanced in our body.

Could your mood swings be related to Oestrogen Excess or a Progesterone Deficiency or both. You may notice that symptoms of headaches, anger, frustration, tears and sensitivity around the lead up before your period and also mid cycle run havoc. There is help available. But what if your don't have a regular cycle? Then meet another hormone Testosterone who is great when balanced but not so great for acne and fertility. Then what about cortisol, thyroid and weight gain around belly. Find out how they are all connected and what you need to do to keep your hormones well balanced. Nutrients, herbs, Foods, Skin care, Makeup and Herbal Teas will get a feature.

My Top 5 beauty foods are found at Wholefood Merchants in Ferntree Gully. My new addition is Organic Bio-BeetKvass. It's great for LIver, Skin, Gut and Blood health, which are vital for hormonal balance. I would highly recommend it for vegans and may also be suitable for someone with heavy periods. Please check with your GP or Naturopath first though.

Bio-beet Kvass

Secure your ticket at under supercharge your hormones and I look forward to seeing you there.

Also I hope you like goody bags with yummy things!!!

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