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Is your body type at risk for Heart Disease?

Apple shaped Bodies are at highest risk for Heart Disease!

No longer is weight loss seen as a cosmetic issue, but an essential factor in reducing chances of cardiovascular disease. Many people want to lose body fat simply so that they look great, however having a high percentage of body fat is known to be one of the most serious causes of ill health, increasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease and many other chronic diseases.

The most dangerous place to accumulate fat is around your midline otherwise known as the Apple Shaped Body. If you are a male and your waist is above 102cm and 88cm for

women, have high cholesterol, and high blood pressure then you put yourself at risk for serious health complications.

High Blood pressure is about 6 times more frequent in obese subjects than in lean men and women. Having excess weight or being physically inactive can both lead to high blood pressure, so help to minimise your risk of diabetes, and heart disease by maintaining a healthy weight.

At BodySync Natural Solutions, we offer patients one of the most effective fat loss programs available. It can help you to lose up to 1 kg of fat per week whilst preserving your muscle mass. Our fat loss program is so much more than a “weight loss” program – this is a natural, scientifically-proven “fat loss” plan that delivers fast and lasting results. Each week you are measured using the Bioimpedance Analysis machine to check your progress, hydration, muscle and fat mass results.

If you would like to improve your cardiovascular health and weight naturally, then we can support you in reaching your health goals. Come in and see our Naturopath Alysia to help

you achieve this goal today!

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